Battery Pack Design & Engineering

More than components. The right qualities.

Neither functionality nor aesthetics can compensate for a poorly designed battery pack. Bulkiness, power attenuation and oversensitivity to everyday movement will rapidly drain the user’s enthusiasm (and factor heavily into negative product reviews, maintenance and repair costs, and other effects). From a business perspective, if the battery pack power source can’t meet unit costs, production timelines or certifications, the project won’t move past concept.

To “get it right” with lithium-based battery pack power and help ensure product success, many of the world’s largest OEMs and contract manufacturers partner with GBP. Our 20 years of experience in battery cell chemistry, production, testing and safety gives us insight to key subtleties that can make or break a project. As industry leaders, we keep our clients in step with emerging power and battery pack technologies and advancements.

Battery packs with the full package.

Custom design engineering. Safety & quality engineering. Optimized manufacturing processes.

Our Six Sigma-certified engineers apply Voice of the Customer and specialized expertise to meet exacting business requirements and technical demands for:

  • Safety;
  • Size/Shape (round, flat, square or other configuration);
  • Weight;
  • Cell capacity;
  • Operating temperature and power range;
  • Time to market;
  • Performance (simple to cutting edge, based on application);
  • Cycle life;
  • Cost;
  • Environmental impact;
  • Finishing;
  • And more.

GBP works directly with your team, from the earliest stage of concepting through the entire process. We view our role as trusted partner, committed to honest feedback, problem solving, transparency and accountability at every step. We want to delight our customers.

We specialize in Battery Pack:

  • Turnkey designs: single or multi-cell (including big packs for EV/HEV)
  • PCM or BMS multi-layer, complex designs
  • Suitable plastic casing design and production
  • We choose suitable battery chargers for the battery packs
  • Industry Applications: Consumer Electronics, Data Capture, Data Storage, Military, Medical, Smart Grid