Consumer Electronics

Advanced battery packs that propel consumer electronics forward

Years ago, the ideas probably seemed like science fiction: Deposit a check into a bank account from a park bench. Tote an entire music collection up a mountain. The rapid evolution of consumer electronics stems from the development of portable devices that are lightweight, ergonomic, maintain sufficient battery life and don’t cost too much. It requires careful battery pack design planning, creative mechanical design solutions, and in-depth integration of battery power source with device circuitry.

With nearly four decades of experience producing portable battery packs that optimize performance, safety, reliability, time-to-market and cost, GBP is well positioned to help manufacturers keep pace with the $1 trillion consumer electronics market. We offer value through:

  • Portable design expertise and global component sourcing: Through relationships with multiple vendors of specialized components, we can meet any specification with sensitivity to cost.
  • Manufacturing know-how, reduced time to market: Because we produce more than 50 million safe, reliable battery packs each year, we’ve perfected ways to minimize costs through rapid production and set-up processes.
  • Quality + Safety + Compliance = Reliability: There’s a reason we’ve shipped more than 60 million battery packs without a safety incident. We employ ISO 9000 and Six-Sigma tools to continually optimize our processes. We provide IEEE, UL, CTIA, UNDoT, and other agency approvals and certifications.

Enhance the competitive value of your products with a GBP custom battery pack solution.

GBP is one of the industry’s largest battery pack designers and manufacturers for:

  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones & Smart Phones
  • Cameras
  • MP3 Players
  • GPS Devices
  • And many other consumer electronics