• PCM ( Protection Circuit Module )

PCM is widely applied in rechargeable Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer and LiFePO4 batteries. Normal voltage of li-ion/li-polymer battery must be within 2.75V (min) to 4.3V (max.), normal voltage of LiFePO4 battery must be within 2.0V(min) to 3.65V(max.). PCM function is as safety devices during charging and discharging.
Major Functions:

  • Overcharge protection
  • Overdischarge protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overheat protection(NTC)—can be selected
  • Short circuit protection

  • BMS ( Battery Management System )

BMS is higher level PCM, which is safety control and management system to monitor battery status in order to make battery better working and lengthen battery life time objectively. BMS is mainly used in high capacity li-ion/li-polymer/lifepo4 battery packs produce by GBP. GBPโ€™s BMS is advanced integration of management, protection, communication and self-diagnose and cell balancing, which is self-technical patent of GBP.
Major functions:

  1. Overcharge protection
  2. Overdischarge protection
  3. Overcurrent protection
  4. Overheat protection(NTC)
  5. Short circuit protection
  6. Temperature sensing
  7. Cell monitoring & balancing
  8. Communication interface
  9. Self-diagnose
  10. Power gauge